"The real benefit of the Aegisys Platform is that you see everything through a single pane of glass"

Our powerful, secure, web-based dashboard and mobile apps enable you to use the Aegisys platform to quickly and easily manage your IT infrastructure and quickly spot and fix problems. We will easily manage and protect your technology and data assets of your business from on-premise devices such as workstations, servers, and desktops integrated with optional Aegisys hosted PRIVATE Hybrid Cloud Servers. We also help you manage your business using mobile devices. We provide secure Cloud backup, Hybrid cloud servers and Cloud-based apps including Office 365. All from one single pane of glass.

By the numbers ...

30 Million 

remote monitoring checks run every day


spam messages stopped by Aegisys each month


AV threats blocked by Aegisys every month

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Knowledgable friendly people helping people 

24x7x365 Helpdesk

Our helpdesk is available around the clock so whenever you need us, we will be there to help. Our Monitor & Response teams watches your networks around the clock so should something go wrong, we will fix it fast. Place our team of professionals in your business today!

Kick those old servers to the curb and run on the latest hardware!

Aegisys Cloud - Integrated Servers with Automated Backup

Aegisys owns our HOSTING CLOUD unlike others who place their cloud within someone else's datacenter.

We provide virtual servers for your PRIVATE use just as if it was located in the next room.

With the Aegisys cloud, your BACKUP of your CLOUD managed server is automated and FREE.  

Get your Cloud Server today and operate just as you always have powered by the Aegisys Cloud.

Always run on the latest hardware!


Disaster Recovery that is Go Live Ready

Disaster Recovery - Need Offsite?

Most businesses do not have a off-site location and to rent empty space is expensive. We  provide "Go-Live" Ready servers in our cloud with full fail-over capabilities in the event your primary server fails or a catatrouphic event were to occur. 

Dont be confused by imitators who offer just a plan. Aegisys solutions are proven and depended on by our clients throughout North America and the world. 

So whether you need offsite backup, full server fail-over or just dont want to deal with a server in-house anymore, Aegisys can help.

Dont wait for disaster ... be ready for it!

Create your policy for your mobile devices 

Secure your Mobile devices 

Aegisys will help you deploy policies that will secure and restrict your business mobile devices from installing unauthorized apps and limit and protect usages to your data plan. Gain full optics into your mobile devices from your dashboard and with full "Remote Wipe" capabilities, you have never been more protected. Try it for 30 days so why wait? Call us today!

Don't wait for your technology to break ...

Fast Online Support

In this fast changing world of technology, response time to issues is critical to keeping your customers happy and your staff productive. Aegisys Managed Service plans are based on two options - a flat monthly fee or on a "per device per month. 

We learn your network fast, integrate and monitor with Pro-active Remote support which is faster than waiting for someone to drive to you.

Aegisys pro-active response times are fast and can often fix problems before they are even noticed. We watch, we react and we correct ... period.

Click button below to learn why the Break/Fix approach is no longer the answer.

Protect yourself from Ransomware, CrytoLocker and emerging threats Automatically from the Aegisys Cloud

It seems that everyday emerges a new threat that place your business at risk. These infections costs you thousands of dollars in recovery time and lost profitability. You need the help today more than ever with a technology partner that understands how these threats emerge and how to protect you from them from ever having the opportunity to disrupt your business. We are an experienced team of professionals who can help. 

GUARANTEED Automatic Professional Response!


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