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Since 1999, Aegisys has specialized in providing friendly knowledgable Computer IT support services powered by our smart sense technology to esteemed client networks in near real-time everywhere. It’s easy to get the IT services you want from our expansive service catalogue. Our responsive support is guaranteed and we provide flexible service plans that affordable without the need for long term agreements. Start the conversation … we look forward to speaking with you soon!

Know your RISK score


Cyber security threats can happen at anytime.  Aegisys takes the guess work out of the IT security of your business day after day with our vigilant security management. Our Security experts provides you with a health scorecard of your business technology and  insight into what is needed to fix them. And if it’s time for a change, we make transitioning easy to a IT Support service plan that will meet your every need guaranteed with no long term agreements.  Get started today!

We fix Problems FAST!

Self-healing IT

Our Cloud tools will simplify your IT, improve your security and make your business run better! Aegisys Managed Services watches over your technology 24x7x365 and can self-heal many problems when they occur. With over 1000 custom checks, we solve a number issues automatically without disturbing your day. Your technology runs smoother, securely, while maximizing UPTIME. If your technology is not working for you, then stop the frustration and click the button below to start the conversation.

Complete 24x7 Managed Support and Monitoring

We provide the technology, scalability, and stability to run your business

Top Benefits of Aegisys Cloud Computing


Aegisys Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software and configuring racks of servers, the 24/7 electricity needed for power and cooling, and the IT experts needed for managing that infrastructure. These costs can add up fast! Aegisys provides all the IT tools you need, the expertise to run them and the infrastructure to secure them to improve your business.


Aegisys Cloud Hosting Services provides all the Server resources AND IT tools you need to manage your Hosted Virtual Servers.  On demand requests are easily met so even vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, typically with just a few mouse clicks, giving your businesses a lot of flexibility and taking the pressure off capacity planning.

Services & Hosting that grow Business

The benefits of Aegisys IT and Hosting computer solutions include the ability to scale easily. This means delivering the right amount IT resources and services on demand to any geographic location when its needed. This may range from any of our managed Subscription services to our Managed servers needing more CPU, memory, storage or bandwidth.

Optimize your IT Teams

Your on-premise computer room and business network of devices typically require a lot of hardware setup, software patching and other IT Management responsibilities. Often, on site IT is spread thin and do not have the time to deal with whether they are following security best practices or protecting your vital data from emerging threats such as Ransomware. Aegisys removes the need for many of these tasks so your existing IT teams can spend time on more important duties to achieve your business goals.


Aegisys runs our networks inside our secure facilities on servers which are regularly upgraded to latest generations in fast and efficient computing hardware. Our Hosting offers a number of benefits over local corporate networks  which include reduced latency to raw scalability. Factor in our subscription based IT Services and you have a powerful integrated solution that will keep your applications running fast inside our Cloud, on-premise at your geographic location or a Hybrid approach giving you the best of both worlds.

Flexible & Reliable

Aegisys makes your Cloud Backups, Disaster Recovery and Business continuity easier and less expensive. Aegisys has multiple locations to provide mirrored services within our networks as well as providing Cloud Server Backup for Hosted servers, Aegisys On-Premise Online Backup for anything else, File Sharing and Sync services, and so much more

Protecting your computer network is our priority

aegisys cloud backup and recovery

Best of Cloud Backup & Recovery

Aegisys offers our secure HIPAA Online & On-Premise Backup. Full Hosted hourly Backup of our Cloud Servers. Stop losing or redoing work. Get Aegisys today!
Aegisys FileCloud - Share files securely

Store, Backup and Share on Aegisys FileCloud!

Quickly and securely transfer files and folders to anyone with a simple link, on any device. More features with less cost than competitors. Try it today!
Monitoring 24/7 Fix it BEFORE it breaks!

24/7 Monitoring & Response

What’s the point of having 24/7 Monitoring when response is between 8-5 weekdays? Get Pro-active support from the Home of where we “FIX it before it breaks!”
Windows, Linux and MAC Patch Services

Roaming Patch Management

Our CLOUD AUTOMATION for best for comprehensive patching of Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems COMPLETE with 3rd party applications ANYWHERE the device has Internet!
Aegisys Mobile Apps

Best of Mobile App’s

See your network status from anywhere and although we manage your computer technology, you will always have an instant view of your network anytime from anywhere!
Managed Mobile

Mobile Device Management

Manage and Secure smartphones and tablets from our single multi-factor protected ONLINE dashboard!
Cloud Cyber Protection

Managed Comprehensive Cyber Protection Shield

Our Cloud Cyber Shield Suite includes Anti-Virus for your on-premise Servers and Workstations across multiple locations. Keep your mobile laptops secure as roaming and home devices are FULLY supported!
Protection for your staff while on the Internet

Cloud Internet Protection Proxy

Keep your users safe and productive while they use the web. Protect your staff and prevent them from visiting infected or known high threat locations.