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Aegisys manages the technology for your business providing all the tools, products and expert s our clients need of technology services to their business. Our wholly owned managed networks and three Hosting Locations provide our clients with near limitless bandwidth and security for Hosting, managing and storing your mission-critical data.

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Our friendly, market tested and ever resourceful technology experts allow our customers internal IT teams take back there networks and refocus  on what matters and what most drives their business with our relentless innovation and growth.

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In case something goes wrong, you’re free to contact our support team that is available 24/7, all the year round. This means that becoming a customer of Aegisys, you will protect the vital assets of your business such as network, workstations, servers, mobile devices and so much more!

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Aegisys remains successful by not only responding to our current customer or organizational needs, but often by anticipating future trends and developing an idea, product or service that allows us to meet this future demand rapidly and effectively. Simply put, Aegisys clients benefit from our tireless approach and experience in the deployment of emerging technology and standards taking the worry and stress out of your business network growth. We will guide you every step of the way.

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Managed Services

I need the hardware I own and the applications I run, both on-premise and in the Aegisys Cloud be optimized in performance and availability for my customers and staff alike. I want my IT staff focused on strategic projects and not bothered by tasks like backups, storage or database upgrades. I need easy access to Managed Hosting and Managed Services that grow with my business regardless of whether I am big or small.

Managed Hosting

I need Hosting that is fast, secure and resilient for my business servers and applications. I need mobile applications that compliment my ability to perform work from anywhere so my clients are receiving the very best services possible. I need innovative Managed Hosting and Managed Services to grow with my business regardless of whether I am big or small.

Free Secure Remote Access

My employees complain that the Internet is slow, whether they are on WIFI or have a wired connection. They want maximum flexibility to work anywhere they want. Aegisys provides our Managed VPN services so your team may work anywhere there is Internet securely and reliably so whether they are in the office and working remotely, they will always be connected.

Malware Protection

My business manages a lot of customer sensitive data and my IT department is struggling with ensuring our network security can defend against latest threats. Aegisys will guide you through the right steps that are required to safeguard your business-critical information. Aegisys provides end-to-end protections with our expert level support should the unexpected events occur.

 Listen to our Radio Commercials!

We invite you to listen to our many radio commercials we have done over the years. They speak towards who we are and how we can help you. We hope you enjoy them and check back often as more are sure to follow.

Network Health Check IT Support
Get your Network Reality Check
Request a Aegisys Cloud Expert to visit your business in Northern Ontario where available and provide a FREE consultency review of your existing computer network and discuss with you it’s health. We will listen to what challenges you are facing and answer any questions you may have. Does your network require a reality check? Contact
Computer Problems?
Solving IT Computer Problems
Computer Problems? Aegisys will make your business technology better. Our Technology Support team brings a depth of knowledge and experience that allows us to get started immediately helping solve the simplest to the most complex of problems while freeing existing IT departments to focus on more important and priority projects. Contact us – It will
Server Hosting & IT Services
IT Services & Cloud Servers
Comprehensive IT Service from Aegisys Two colleagues discuss IT and share some of the challenges they were facing.  They discuss how Aegisys services were helping them achieve higher reliability. One colleague shares that Aegisys provides from Backup to full network management services.  Aegisys provides services to companies of all sizes and help them achieve their
Aegisys Comprehensive Securities for Cloud and On-premise Servers and Networks
Next Level Cloud Servers
Take your Servers Security to the next level! Every Aegisys hosted servers are engineered based on Industry best practices with comprehensive security foremost. Aegisys Managed means that Aegisys provides the server build and continued administration to protect and maintain your data. Check out below how we care for your Data! With Aegisys Hosting, you get
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Our staff is passionate about working with our amazing and motivated clients who measure success by the positive experiences and the incredible technology solutions which Aegisys offers

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