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Aegisys Cloud Solutions was founded with the vision of being a different type of company — a technology service company that is easy to do business with. It’s our unique customer service philosophy we pride ourselves on.

To ensure our passion in customer service endures, we’ve made our legal information easily accessible. For questions related to these documents, please contact us via mail at the following address.

General Counsel
Aegisys Cloud Solutions
7-598 Falconbridge Road
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, P3A 5K6


Contract Structure

Aegisys customer agreements consist of three types of documents, each with a specific function: Service Order and Master Services Agreement and Product Terms. This framework provides you with the flexibility of placing multiple orders (Service Orders) with us, as and when you need. Each Service Order is subject to general legal terms and conditions (Master Services Agreement) and the specific terms and conditions for your chosen services (Product Terms).

Master Services Agreement

The Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) provides the general legal terms and conditions applicable to all of our services. View MSA

Product Terms

The Product Terms provide the specific terms applicable to the services you’ve ordered.

Service Order

The Service Order describes the services you’ve ordered, as well as the fees you’ll pay for those services.


Master Services Agreement

Your Master Services Agreement

Your Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) provides you with the general legal terms and conditions applicable to all of our services today and tomorrow.

Third Party Agreements

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