Business Network Monitoring 

Pro-active | Real-time | LIVE Response

Monitoring of a network is more than software and email alerts ... it's all about who is watching and responding 24x7x365!

When it comes to your network, without monitoring, you have no way of keeping your network safe and reliable and it is only through monitoring that you gain the real-time information on system status to stop small problems in their tracks before they become expensive disaster's.

With our remote support you get ...

Granular Pricing

Cloud Based - No hardware, software or system admin overhead

Incredibly easy to use - you'll be up and running in minutes

Pay for only the features you need

Without the vital information that our monitoring brings you, you will likely be  paying for repairs needlessly based on what the support person "thinks" is the problem. And if they guess wrong, it repeats.

Proactive Monitoring | Hassle Free

So what exactly do I get? Pretty much most devices and services that you need to monitor:

  • Remote Server Monitoring
  • SNMP & Network Monitoring
  • Website Monitoing
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Cloud App Monitoring
  • Workstation Monitoring
  • VM Monitoring!

That's a lot of monitoring!


Leave your network in good hands!

Tag named "Nightwatcher", we LIVE monitor your networks while you sleep and correct issues with remote support while you sleep provided you authorize us to do so. So problems in the morning become a thing of the past. From backups to server reboots from patching, we make sure your applications are online when you need them.

People response is where our service sets itself apart from all others.