Patch Management

Automated | Secure | No Worries

There are a lot of threats and exploits out there and all of them search for systems that are unpatched and open to attack exploits. Patching is a critial component of your defence strategy in keeping your network online and your business critical information safe.

Patching is made easy when you leverage Aegisys to take care of it for you. Stop worrying about each device you manage while Aegisys takes care of the work for you ensuring ALL of the system updates are applied.

Patching Servers - Linux, Windows, Solaris

It does not matter what your operating system is, we will patch it for you on schedule. Our service is predictable and reliable. And should something break, we fix it with no surprise billings. 

Supports ALL updates including non-security updates for Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft products including Office and Exchange

Covers all 5 major browsers - Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

Support includes most commonly exploited Adobe and Oracle Java

Other vendor support including Apple, Mozilla, Zip tools and more, as well as instant Messaging clients such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger

Keeps computers up to date with latest patches ...

Aegisys offers you robust scanning and security capabilities for Microsoft Windows and Office applications as well as non-Windows applications

Database Patching

Aegisys patches databases ensuring service packs are applied to keep any bugs to a minimum and your databases FAST! Aegisys is well versed in the patching of INFORMIX, INFORMIX ONLINE, MySQL, MSSQL, ORACLE and others. People who understand businesses know that patch automation is not the answer to busy databases.