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Aegisys Managed IT Services
aegwebmaster October 22, 2020 0 Comments

The Fully Managed Server & Workstation Solution is designed to proactively maintain workstations and servers by delivering regular maintenance, monitoring, management, unlimited remediation, Helpdesk and emergency support.  All fully managed services are delivered by our 24/7 Network Operations Center, and are designed to reduce the likelihood and impact of an unwanted technology failure, while resolving any identified issues, for a fixed monthly price.

Managed Workstation services is an excellent option for anyone who would like the management and user benefits of being in a well-managed environment without the technical burdens.

Service levels and rates allow flexibility in managing and reducing your information technology (IT) costs.

What’s included in Managed Server and Workstation

  1. Operating System Support and management
  2. Windows, Linux and Mac Updates
  3. Scheduled Pre-Defined Patch maintenance windows
  4. Anti-virus software installation and maintenance
  5. Proactive security mitigations for high risk vulnerabilities
  6. 24/7 Cloud Monitoring
  7. Asset Discovery for Hardware & Software
  8. Hacker Checks
  9. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Executive Reporting
  10. Day to day support of your workstation including software installation
  11. Full Alerting including SMS to your Mobile devices
  12. ONLINE Dashboard for centralized administration
  13. Multiple Site Support – Set views and alerts of Workstations and Server by site
  14. Aegisys Helpdesk Expert Remote Support
  15. Mobile Apps – View your PC status with Aegisys Mobile apps from anywhere

Included with Managed IT

Regular preventative maintenance required to maintain the basic operation of Windows workstations, including:

Windows, Mac & Linux Patch Management
AV Scans
3rd Party Patch Management
Disk Defragmentation
Delete Temp files
Device Health & Remediation
Local Admin Password
Clean Windows Update
UAC Enable/Disable
Windows Firewall

Not included with Managed Workstation and Server

The following services are not included unless otherwise specified in the Fully Managed Workstation Solution:

All hardware or replacement components
Hardware or software upgrades
Relocation services
Network Cabling & Components
Any unexpected item not explicitly included in the scope of services

** Out of Scope activities will be quoted, approved and billed at our hourly rate.  No surprise billings ever.

How it works

Aegisys will remediate issue related to the covered devices, identified either via monitoring & notification, or those initiated through contacting the Service Desk.  In both cases, a service ticket will be created and prioritized based on severity.  The service desk will attempt to resolve the issue remotely, escalating to level 2, then level 3 engineers as required.  If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, a field technician will be dispatched where applicable.

About Aegisys

Located in Sudbury, Canada, Aegisys has been delivering innovative Managed IT support from our inception in 1999. We are a leader in IT Managed Services. To learn more about how we may help your business, it’s easy! Simply click the button below to schedule a call OR fill out the form below and a team member will be in touch with your soon.

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Rick is the founder of Aegisys Cloud Solutions. Rick is involved in all aspects of Aegisys Corporate and is a core mentor in the provisioning of IT Support services including hosting, database management, and web provisioning. When not in the office Rick can be found fishing, walking his dog or spending time with family.

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