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aegwebmaster October 22, 2020 0 Comments

Aegisys Managed Cloud Patching is for individuals and business alike who need to take their security to the next level with Pro-Active patch management. If you are currently manually patching your workstations and servers, you are at risk of missing and mitigating core vulnerabilities from emerging threats. Without patch and vulnerability scan capabilities using the most recent of vulnerability and threat engines, it will be very difficult for you to mitigate your risk effectively.

Patch automation for Windows, Mac and Linux including 3rd Party Software

What you need to know about Auto Updates:

  1. Almost every SW has an update feature, making the process of updating software a constant nuisance for the IT manager and the end user.
  2. Aegisys combines all of the OS and SW updates into a single easy to manage dashboard.
  3. Auto Updates does not give IT a central / single location for reporting on inventory, patch level, configuration settings, or compliance status.
  4. Auto Updates provides no reporting or verification of endpoint status, patches applied, or level of vulnerability.
  5. Auto Updates is inconsistent and unable to force the user to update / install critical security releases.
  6. Common malware silently disables OS Auto Updates and patching.
  7. Aegisys customers using other patching methods found and fixed existing critical patches with Aegisys Managed Patching.

Our cloud based platform continually scans for vulnerabilities and missing patches enabling you to see the current status of your entire infrastructure, regardless of geographic location – and allows you to decide if you want to patch instantly, or incorporate Scheduled Patch Windows as part of your existing workflow. We take the guesswork out of your Corporate security posture and compliance.

And you can patch 3rd party software – including Java, Flash, Firefox, Chrome, and more – all from a single dashboard. Improve your cyber protections and reduce your attack metrics quickly and easily.

Fine-tune your patch management policies to prevent cyber attacks and optimize system performance.

Patch Management includes:

  1. Automation
  2. Customization policies and scheduling
  3. Patch roll-back
  4. Exchange and Office 365 support
  5. Heightened security for vulnerable programs
  6. Ability to disable devices
  7. Deep scans

Start patching in minutes and remain current with new emerging threat vulnerabilities. Our service is granular and each device may occupy different maintenance schedules. Our patch services merge into a single view for easy management.

Add any of our Aegisys Managed Services at any time in minutes. Aegisys grows with your business and provides all the IT tools you need to achieve exceptional results.

About Aegisys

Located in Sudbury, Canada, Aegisys has been delivering innovative Managed IT support from our inception in 1999. We are a leader in IT Security with includes our Windows, Linux and Mac patching. To learn more about how we may help your business, it’s easy! Simply click the button below to schedule a call OR fill out the form below and a team member will be in touch with your soon.

Aegisys Patch Services Inquiry
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Rick is the founder of Aegisys Cloud Solutions. Rick is involved in all aspects of Aegisys Corporate and is a core mentor in the provisioning of IT Support services including hosting, database management, and web provisioning. When not in the office Rick can be found fishing, walking his dog or spending time with family.

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