Are you ready for Disaster?

Aegisys offers stand-by servers that are Go-Live ready in any emergency

Disaster Recovery means many things to many organizations. For Aegisys Disaster comes in many forms that range from server or network disruptions to acts of nature causing unspeakabe damages and unexpected catastrophic events such as fire.

Our clients have trusted Aegisys for many years standing side by side with them through hurricanes, floods, and other serious disruptions to business continuity. We remain stedfast in our solutions to ensure should something unexpected occur, we are there to keep you in business.

Aegisys - the Road map for Disaster Recovery in our solutions

Our solutions extend our networks to your location whereever you are in the world via the Internet. We integrate servers for your use and replicate them real-time. Although we can house your backup data only, client preference has been to have a running fully operational replicated server on stand-by so should a server fail, you can work off of your LIVE DR server until production is restored.

Our Disaster Recovery solution is tested by your staff so as opposed to a backup, you have every assurance that should the DR server be needed, it will be ready. 

Our solutions are proven and they work. Our DR as a Service (DRaaS) is an answer to those looking for an alternative to buying an empty room to use as a offsite location. We are cost effective and automated whereever possible. Every client is unique and so to should be your Disaster Recovery.

So if you are looking for peace of mind, contact us today to get your business protected under the Aegisys shield. It matters not where you are geographically and begins simply with your Internet connection.