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Managed Device Management – MDM

Why Secure Mobile?

More employees than ever now work remotely and this is the new norm. More than ever, employees need a secure mobile app experience that is as good as the end-user app experience they get while working in the office on their desktop or laptop. It’s important that enterprise data can be accessed quickly from mobile devices and as a consequence, these devices are also increasingly targeted by hackers because of their limited security. Furthermore, mobile devices can be lost or stolen, and it is critical for companies to prevent the wrong people from accessing their data and other intellectual property. As long as employees have a need to conduct work business on personal devices, security risk will remain high.

Mobile threats are on the rise and you need a easy cost effective method of securing your mobile devices. Get Managed Mobile!

Powerful Security with Easy Management

Aegisys Managed Mobile is a secure platform for employees accessing Corporate Data via Private and Corporate mobile devices. Managed Mobile is FIPS-compliant and uses AES 256-bit encryption to secure your organization’s proprietary data and IP both on employees’ devices and in transit.

Managed Mobile places a heavy emphasis on both functionality and security, giving remote employees the freedom to collaborate away from the office as if they were still in the office. A full suite of mobile-enabled productivity applications is available via the Aegisys Toolbox including, Office 365, Enterprise Chat, Geo-location Services, File Sync & Online Backup and Secure Mobile App Management & Development functions, and more.

Manage your smartphones and tablets from our single multi-factor protected ONLINE dashboard.

We help manage your data plan costs and protect Corporate Mobile Data contents. Privately owned mobile device policies are available to offer Cyber protections on CYOD (Choose your own Device) to Corporate Data. Remotely setup email and remote features previously to have been a headache for IT Support teams.

This includes

  1. Security
  2. Location Tracking
  3. Ownership details
  4. Data Usage monitoring
  5. Remote Features
  6. Multiple device types supported



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