Winter Cold - Cool Technology

Over the years, and with Aegisys being located in Canada, we have flirted with the idea to use the supplemental outside Winter air to cool computer rooms.

The concept is not new and the answer, in part, existed today called "economizers" and are found in some larger mechanical systems. They operate by blending warm air our with cold air into a building and can be expensive to buy and operate. This is a simplistic explanation to a complex system and more can be read about it online through your favorite search engine.

We decided to build our own answer in the attempt to keep costs down. We saw the opportunity perhaps for our clients as a possible answer for supplemental and backup cooling in the event their primary cooling mechanicals failed. It focused on both the idea to bring cold outside air in as well as exhaust computer room hot air out and it is an isolated system specific to the computer room alone. So we set to work.

From the beginning, we engineered our approach to work in both the Summer and Winter months with the ability to turn it on or off via a smartphone for easy remote management of the computer room environment.

Aegisys - Using outside Winter air to cool rooms and by Summer exhaust the heat through same solution.

We have completed this special environmentally minded project which has reduced our cooling dependencies on our air mechanicals during winter months while reducing heat in the computer rooms in the Summer months meaning our mechanicals do not work.

As with any challenge, there are many approaches. This was ours ... and it works!