Work should fit your lifestyle

Aegisys - Secure Remote access to Anything, from Anywhere at Anytime

No one wants to work late. No one wants to be away from their families more than is absolutely necessary. And if you need to work, you should be able to do that from anywhere, anytime, on your terms. After all, the business should work for you and not the other way around.

Aegisys understands that the ability to connect from anywhere, at anytime to anything is so very important to you and your family. So we provide our SSLVPN portal to you as a valued client of Aegisys. It does the following:

  • Connects you to your data from anywhere, anytime to any place provided you have an Internet connection
  • Security is linked to your office network AD (Active Directory) or use a username and complex credential we provide to you
  • "IF" you link to your network AD, password's change on our remote access portal the same time as your computer password changes (Very easy cool).
  • "If" you link to your network AD, should you have staff turn-over, when you disable their user account, you also disable remote access at same time (Very secure cool)
  • Our remote access portal uses OTP (One Time Passwords). This is to protect someone from guessing your password and then having access to your network. The way it works is that you enter your username and password, and our Portal will email or text you a random second password within a few moments. Once you enter that, you will be  able to gain access. Random passwords have a short "time to live" so they will expire if second password is not entered in a timely manner.

Ok - you now now that connectivity is integrated, its very secure, and that your access is also encrypted. 

Our clients often close existing Remote Access Portals to use ours exclusively to improve their security posture. Our portal is 100% managed by Aegisys and we remain just a call away if you have trouble.

So if you must work, our portal is the way to do that from anywhere there is Internet. Free with every maintenance agreement, whether to are working from an airport, or your hotel room to the top of a building (why not enjoy a view :-) ) our portal works the way you do.

When solution enhances lifestyle, it is awesome! Why are you not with Aegisys?