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  • Project name :VMWARE Replacement & Management
  • Category :VMARE, Migrations, Management
  • Client :Confidential
  • Complete date :31 December, 2021
  • Skills :VMWARE, Windows, Monitoring, Migration, Linux, Network
Share: Aegisys is a one-stop Managed Service Provider (MSP) providing Hardware, technical expertise, and POST management of everything needed to provide a secure and cost effective deployment.

VMWARE infrastructure replacement & Management

Aegisys assisted our client to move from a End of Life VMWARE environment to a modern VMWARE solution including migrating existing VM guest servers with a minimum disruption to PRODUCTION leaving them with a vendor fully supported secure solution with full High Availability foundations removing single point of failures and threats typically found in old and unsupported networks. We also implemented both VMWARE and VM Guest Patch cycles for security mitigations including network and firewall resources. Aegisys also migrated web sites into our infrastructure to manage the website DNS, introduce DNSSEC and fully patch and secure the website from outside threats including 2 factor authentication.