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The purpose of this Service Level Policy is to set forth the service levels at which Aegisys is to provide certain Services to Customer. Customer agrees that the remedies set out herein are the sole and exclusive remedy for Aegisys failure to meet an SLA. This Service Levels Policy applies only while Customer accounts are in good standing.

To receive a credit, the SLA incident must meet the following criteria:

  • The SLA incident must have occurred within the previous 30 days.
  • For specific concerns not mentioned in the SLA, the issue must have occurred within the previous 60 days.
  • Account balances must be current.
  • You must meet SLA requirements and obligations within the agreed-upon Terms of Service.

Requesting an SLA credit

  1. Log in to the Aegisys Customer Portal.

Create a support ticket and enter Credit Request in the Subject field.

  1. Provide the following information in the support ticket:
    • Services affected
    • Summary of the incident
    • Date and time that the issue began
    • Date and time that the issue ended
    • Any associated correspondence relevant to the issue for which you want to receive credit such as logs, another ticket number, emails, or chats
    • Add any other pertinent details to credit consideration
  2. Select Submit Ticket.

Allow three to five business days for Aegisys to receive and review your credit request and update your support ticket.

Issues not addressed by the SLA

If you experience technical issues not specifically addressed by your product SLA, Aegisys will still review your issue. You can submit a ticket stating your case and why you believe you should get a credit. Be sure to state how long you were affected and how you believe Aegisys was responsible.

Aegisys does not issue a credit for cases in which the Aegisys Terms & Conditions or Acceptable Use Policy are violated.

If you have any questions, contact the Aegisys Support team at 1 866 961 1805.


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