IT begins with Hello

And one call to a company that understands how your business works

It can be frustrating and expensive to  call-back your technology support who do not clearly understand how your technology impacts your business or how your systems integrate. 

With Aegisys it's different. Our experience allows us to not look at your computer or a piece of your network as an "island" seperate from everything else but rather as an integrated component to your business. Understanding how everything communicates and functions "as a whole" means that your system is fixed in a timely manner but also without breaking integrations that you have in place. And for one low monthly fee, repairs are not rushed.

We encourage communication to discuss how your system is used so we can improve it and not make it worse. And we do it all remotely in most cases so you do not have to wait for someone to come onsite or stay late because a technician needs access to your business because they provide the break-fix type of support. 

We even work after you have gone home to do updates or system/network related problems. No surprise billings ... just support as it should be. When you need it ... at your convenience.

Server Replacement Options & Alternatives

You may be interested in cloud hosting for many reasons. Perhaps it's the alternative to server ownership and you wish to take advantage of technology to expensive to buy yourself. Perhaps the Managed Services that accompany those servers are of interest including Full backup, Patch Management and security services. Or perhaps your business is growing and the overhead and expertise needed to run that server remains out of reach.

Our clients have many reasons for placing a server in our PRIVATE cloud. One is that the server in the Aegisys cloud is exactly the same as it would be in the next room.

Your server will always run on the latest hardware meaning it will be fast. And you will be secure as the Aegisys security management of our networks and client hosted servers use the same technology used by many large Corporations including the NASDAQ! Our securities co-exist under a "single pane of glass" meaning we have a full unified approach to your securities making us among the top Manage Service Providers in capabilities. 

So whether Aegisys provides you with an affordable and scalable cloud server OR helps you select the best technology for your replacement hardware (Aegisys is a preferred partner​ with key technology vendors), we can help you manage your entire technology platform throughout it's life cycle affordably.

Aegisys is your Premier Technology partner! Let us prove it to you.​ Click the button below or call us today Toll Free - 1 866 961 1805. You will be glad you did!