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Northstar Hosting and Disaster Recovery Go-Live-Ready

Disaster Recovery is more than just a disaster recovery plan. It is also considering business impact and what is needed to maintain your business continuity when the unexpected happens.

A recent project finds Aegisys providing live disaster recovery go-live ready servers to a LDC corporation running Harris Northstar applications. Aegisys is an expert in the hosting and management of Harris Northstar deployments throughout North America. Aegisys has managed all aspects of Hosting and Disaster Recovery for many and have been adopted by others in the Ontario and USA markets. Aegisys has provided Harris Northstar hosting and Disaster Recovery since 1999 which is extraordinary making us among the most experienced providers available.

In this case, we provided a go-live ready server in sync with their product systems. Vendor integrations were completed and DR testing is being scheduled as testing is vital. Active directory and other related systems also are included in our disaster recovery engineering. Database synchronization as well as file synchronization are in place and are within 30 minutes of LIVE.

All disaster recovery servers are within the Aegisys high Availability Virtual private server structure isolated by Vlans, access lists and routing policies making this go-live server fully integrated into the production environments. Aegisys disaster recovery servers follow client security protocol standards making our compliance assured.

Aegisys is a Harris Northstar Solutions provider with over 65 years combined experience on staff.

If your company is seeking Disaster Recovery solutions such as Hot Site, Warm Site, Hybrid or on-premise within your network infrastructure, contact Aegisys to learn more. From first call to collaboration to design, deployment, deployment and support, Aegisys is your single source provider.

Aegisys is a pandemic ready Managed Service Provider


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