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Hardware replacement performed safely with Aegisys

Replacing technology is important as existing equipment ages affecting staff performance and productivity. So with recent times, and the need to restrict access to offices everywhere, how then can those with limited IT presence get this done safely.

Aegisys rises to this challenge by pre-staging your replacement systems and delivering sanitized boxes direct to your location preinstalled with our managed services. All that is needed is to unplug the old, plug in the new, and we remote in to take care of the rest. All setup is transitioned without out staff ever stepping into your business! Now that’s the added value our clients have come to expect.

Of course, if on site is needed, our team respects and follows all provincial and your individual guidelines to perform our work safely, quickly and efficiently.

Our clients have welcomed our thoughtful and easy approach to hardware replacement. Your safely is job 1 for us.

If your hardware replacement is a challenge, if you are not certain if your hardware is adequate, or if you are looking for an IT partner to provide end to end integrated services, then contact Aegisys and we will show how we cam improve your business today. We take your business safety seriously!

Aegisys is a Pandemic Ready Managed Service Provider


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