Aegisys FileCloud - Share files securely

Share, Sync, & Backup Files

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device – without a VPN.

The Benefits of FileCloud Share, Sync & Backup are:

  1. Quickly and securely transfer files and folders to anyone with a simple link, on any device.
  2. More features with less cost than competitors. Try it today!
  3. Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device – without a VPN. Aegisys FileCloud offers multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely. Use our web access, sync, virtual drive, mobile apps, WebDAV and browser add-ons.
  4. Create a public or a fully private share where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely. You can send large files by email, conduct a secure file transfer or set up a collaboration space for project-related files.
  5. Built-in Document Preview and Quick Editing of Documents from the web browser simplify collaboration. Add comments to files to keep everyone in the loop. Lock (check-out) files while editing to prevent unexpected overwrites.
  6. Changes to shared folders like uploads or file changes are sent as notifications via email to everyone connected to the share. Activity Streams for every folder allows users to review and view all changes that happened to a folder or a file over time.






The Aegisys Filecloud allows you to securely collaborate and share files while on the go securely. With our free apps, you will be able to see your files from your PC, Mac and mobile devices from anywhere. Share files easily outside of using insecure email of any size with time expiring sharable links with any 3rd party. The Aegisys FileCloud is Private and within Aegisys offices in Sudbury, Canada.

Aegisys Cloud Server brings secure remote and VPN-less access to existing network folders and user home directories

Users share and offline sync files in network folders. Integrate existing Active Directory users to use FileCloud using their existing network credentials and securities.

Aegisys FileCloud supports multiple Active Directory servers, Mixed Domain Active Directory (Hosted AD), and Single Sign-On (SSO) using NTLM SSO, SAML and ADFS.

Aegisys FileCloud supports reading existing Microsoft NTFS permissions on network folders and applying them to user access. There is no need to recreate access privileges in Aegisys FileCloud.

Get the Aegisys FileCloud and empower your enterprise with Industry leading File Collaboration!


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