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Security and Active Discovery

Discover and manage devices as they come on your networks.

This includes Device discovery, Views of device details, Active Directory monitoring, Connection logs and our Advanced monitoring agent





Security Managed

Discover and manage devices as they come on your networks

New devices are constantly being added to networks. Whether it’s a new workstation or tablet provided to an employee or a personal computer or cell phone, these new devices need to be monitored to prevent potential security threats. In fact, many users may not even be aware that their personal devices are on the network. Active discovery helps to ensure that any new device on a network can be found and properly managed before it becomes an issue.

Find rogue legacy equipment and devices that simply should never be connecting to your network zones as they do. We map devices to site and location and add management for your continued network security. Gone are the days  of overlooking or forgetting “temporary” devices that stay forever online that get exploited.

Active Discovery is extremely valuable for ensuring that your network monitoring accurately represents your environment. Without Active Discovery, you’d have to remember to manually update your monitoring instances every time you made a change to your production environment. Experience dictates that by eliminating the chance of human error reduces your risk and improves your business security.


  1. Device discovery: Monitor all your managed networks and easily search for devices.
  2. Details: Discover and categorize the devices connected to each managed subnet, and obtain details such as MAC address, IP, operating system, version, and hostname.
  3. Active Directory monitoring: Aegisys provides Active Directory monitoring tools, so you can handle issues in any Windows® network before they cause greater problems.
  4. Connection logs: See when devices come online and when they disconnect from the network.
  5. Additional security: Prevent exposure to unmanaged devices, such as personal devices, that might compromise your network. This keeps your users more secure and allows you to better enforce your customers’ bring-your-own-device policies.


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