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Managed Intrusion Detection

Protect your network from emerging threats with our comprehensive NIDS (Network Intrusion Prevention Services) and HIDS (Host Intrusion Prevention Services).





Intrusion Detection Plus Everything You Need to Detect and Respond to Threats

Aegisys Intrusion Detection Systems tools as part of our unified security management console. It includes built-in host intrusion detection (HIDS), and network intrusion detection (NIDS), enabling Aegisys to detect threats as they emerge in our critical cloud and at your on-premises infrastructure.

To ensure that we are always equipped to detect the latest emerging threats, Aegisys receives continuous threat intelligence updates directly backed by the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange® (OTX™)—the world’s first open threat intelligence community.

The network intrusion detection system (NIDS) capability detects known threats and attack patterns targeting your vulnerable assets. Complementary with anomaly detection tools, it scans your on-premises network traffic, looking for the signatures of the latest attacks, malware infections, system compromise techniques, policy violations, and other exposures, and it raises alarms in the Aegisys dashboard to alert us when threats are identified.

The host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) capability employs an agent on each host to analyze the behavior and configuration status of the system while alerting on suspected intrusions. HIDS captures and monitors key events across the operating system and installed applications. Its File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) capabilities track access to and activity on files, including any changes in critical system files, configuration files, system and applications binaries, registry settings, and content files.

 24/7 monitoring is only as good as the response

Email alerts and SMS notifications only go so far. If no one responds to alerts until morning or worse, an entire weekend goes by before anyone notices, by then, it could be too late. If your business support is only 8×5, then you are at risk during the remaining 16 hours each and every day.

Protect your network from emerging threats with our comprehensive NIDS (Network Intrusion Prevention Services) and HIDS (Host Intrusion Prevention Services). Aegisys NIDS and HIDS covers your network and is engineered to activate on new emerging threats and represents comprehensive protections at the Host and Network levels. Aegisys experts track and respond to each threat alert when they are occurring around the clock.

 PRO-ACTIVE  means we detect, respond and remediate intrusion security threats 24/7 with real LIVE experts. Not just automated email alerts that don’t send, get missed, ignored or overlooked.

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