Protection for your staff while on the Internet

Web Protection Proxy

Keep your users safe and productive while they use the web. Protect your staff and prevent them from visiting infected or known high threat locations.

It has never been easier to manage your Internet access for your organization. The best defense from Cyber Threat is to protect your staff is they accidentally click on harmful links or attachments. Aegisys Internet Protections provides this Blacklist protection to keep staff from harmful sites being visited. Enforce Acceptable Use policies for Internet access or control what social sites may be used during work hours and for how long. Our service may be used on a user by user basis and ALL activity reports are available for your review at anytime.

This Includes:

  • Threat Protection
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Access controls
  • Site Blacklists
  • Time-Based browsing policies
  • Policies
  • Custom user-facing messaging
  • Individual site blocking

This service is a cost per device per month. Product discounts are available based on quantity of devices you wish to have protected.

Knowing my users are protected while giving my business full control over how the Internet is managed is priceless for us. The reporting we receive is terrific and gives us confidence against my staff accidentally going to places they shouldn’t and becoming infected with malware. Thank you Aegisys!




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Keep Users Safe and Productive While They Browse the Web

Web threats have increased over the past few years. From phishing sites to drive-by downloads, the dangers have never been greater. To stay safe, you need to make sure you have advanced malware protection in place along with bandwidth monitoring, content filtering, and more. Aegisys Web Protection includes built-in web protection that keeps your workforce secure and productive. Aegisys web protection goes beyond enterprise antivirus software and firewalls by letting you set your own content-filtering policies, website blacklists, time- and content-based browsing policies, and much more. And you can manage everything from a single, easy-to-use, web-based console.

Our services include Advanced Threat Protection, Bandwidth monitoring per device, Access Controls, Site Blacklists, Time-Based browsing policies, Policies, Custom user-facing messaging and individual site Blocking.

Get Browser Complete Control

  • Easy administration:  Aegisys Online Dashboard makes it simple to gain control over your staffs web browsing with a user-friendly interface and workflow.
  • Policies: Use Aegisys default web protection policies or create your own custom rules for desktops, laptops, or servers.
  • Individual site blocking: Want to block specific sites that don’t fall within our core site categories? The web protection feature lets you add custom URLs to the blacklist.

We keep your business protected from unexpected ransomware attacks and malware that originate from infected sites

Aegisys Web Security takes the guesswork and worry out on your staff’s Internet access. Contact us today!


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