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Aegisys provides High Availability Hosting with 24x7x365 support for the Questica applications. With indepth knowledgable support, we work closely with the Questica team members to pro-actively keep your solution running smooth as possible. If you are looking for a Premier Business Integration partner, look no further ... you have found Aegisys!

Performance - Application | Network | Managed

Aegisys reconizes that securely integrating applications end to end with clients can be challenging. We work closely with you to engineer all the required network integrations for your custom solution to operate within your existing enterprise network framework seamlessly. From integrated Site to Site VPN to simple secure web access, we proactively monitor your Questica Hosted servers with LIVE response and can assist in the integration and management of your entire network and related systems!

Deployment | Management | Databases

Aegisys supports and manages the environment  up to the point of logging into the application. Our vital and mutual collaborative approach to managing how the Questica applications performs, and how it is secured including all core functionality from Backup, Disaster Recovery and Patching within your network is tremendously valuable to Questica clientele. By working on your behalf, we provide key performance metrics to Questica support to speed resolution of problems and allow you and your staff to remain productive. We have keen knowledge of the databases that the Questica applications runs upon are skilled in keeping those databases protected and optimized.

What Questica Inc. says about Aegisys  ...

When we went looking for a hosting provider it was critical to us that the partner we chose valued customer service as much as we do and Aegisys has not let us down. They have always been there for us whenever called upon, and go out of their way to ensure they meet and often exceed our expectations. I would strongly recommend Aegisys to any organization looking for a true business partner and an organization that prides itself on providing exceptional customer service.

Craig Ross, VP Business Development / Sales

Aegisys is proven

When it comes to Disaster Recovery, there is no room for error. Aegisys protects Questica clients in Canada and the USA from Disaster.

We have stood by clients through natural disasters, forces of nature and through other elements beyond their control. Our Disaster Recovery works!​​

Disaster Recovery | Your location | Managed by Aegisys | It's all about choice

There are many reason clients come to Aegisys including:

  • You have alternate locations and are seeking the help to configure Disaster Recovery with your own hardware
  • You do not have an off-site location and wish to have DR in our cloud 
  • Or you have a Cloud server at Aegisys and want to have DR within the Aegisys cloud between our two Hosting facilities 

Aegisys has the answer and management service to get your Disaster Recovery up and running. Our clients count on our services to be there when the worst and unforseeable happens. If you are looking for Disaster Recovery or any other in-house requirement, we can help. 

Shared | Private | Managed|

Cloud Servers available anytime from anywhere!

When it comes to security, a variety of options are available on Cloud Servers.

Shared Hosting cannot be leveraged as comprehensively as Private servers due to security and privacy concerns. However, both types of Hosting servers are viable options depending on what your immediate needs are. Here are some key points:

Private Servers

  • PRIVATE is an isolated server on the network
  • Private Servers are "integration ready" back to your Enterprise as needed
  • 100% 3rd Party Audit Ready 
  • Not shared with any other client IP Space
  • Fully Isolated 
  • Fully Backed Up
  • Disaster Recovery Options Available
  • ​Full Patch Management

Shared Servers

  • Common Application shared with others users
  • Disaster Recovery Options Available
  • Fully Backed Up
  • Full Patch Management

Common Integration Options

  • Site to Site VPN 
  • Internet Based
  • Application to Application
  • Custom

Hybrid Solutions are about Choice

A true solution is one that scales with your business so selecting a plan that is better suited for you down the road is always possible. We grow with you and remain as versitile as possible so should you need more, it is easy, affordable and secure to add. For more information or if you have any questions, click below and we would be happy to get back to you with answers.