Managed Network

Engineered | Monitored 24x7x365  | Vision

Aegisys provides fully managed and secure end-to-end network infrastructure and services that seamlessly integrate with your business processes and IT operations.

Amongst other benefits we help you rapidly realize productivity improvements and cost efficiencies.

Aegisys engineers and manages your network infrastructure designed to deliver optimal uptime and reliability wherever you need it most, whilst offering you a diversity of access options.

Superior intelligence built into your network offers you control visibility, whilst delivering the appropriate level of predictability and assurance.

Aegisys enables your employees to connect to your corporate network and access the information they need to do their job anytime - securely, reliably, cost-effectively and seamlessly.

"Creating FAST business networks takes vision, planning and exceptional skill" 

Just because it "works" does not make it "right"

Creating a IT network networks is more than connecting your systems to a switch. It is about "who can see what" in the network for security reasons, but also implementing the intelligence of your network equipment for high availability or self healing network paths. We have seen new clients who own technology that simply has not been deployed properly or entirely and had not taken advantage of the of the equipment they own or the benefits they bring such as High availability, Automated Routing protocols and much more. So just because your network "works" does not mean it "works" well or is reliable. 

With security best practices of foremost importance, we will guide you through making your network work better while you achieve the scalablity for your business to grow. Doing it right the first time just saves you money.

Small networks turn into big networks

As networks grow, they become more complex. Doing the engineering up front means that there is less cost and less interruptions to your business network. This takes vision and careful planning. Derived from our extensive experience, we will help you transform your network to be more efficient, faster, secure and scalable. We will link your branch offices wherever they are in the world to one another and help you achieve operational effiencies by centralizing systems and maximizing your investments. From your phones to server almalgamation of your data to cloud optimizations, Aegisys has done it all. 

We know how your network speaks

Aegisys manages complex networks. Understanding how traffic flows and the network equipment it runs through is fundamentally the difference between a fast, reliable network and one that experiences frequent outages. It can become very frustrating investing time and money in technology only to not improve your uptime. Time and again Aegisys has proven our skills in improving and optimizing your technology deployments. Let us prove it to you. 

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